Ice Compression Treatment in West Jordan, UT

Following a car accident or injury, the trauma and damage can cause pain and inflammation in the body. The chiropractors at BackToHealthService Chiropractic understand that treating the swelling and inflammation is a vital part of helping with a patient’s comfort and recovery. A proven-effective method of controlling swelling and reducing pain is ice compression treatment. In our West Valley, UT office, we’ve spent the last ten years helping patients with their trauma and injuries from automotive collisions.

How Cam Ice Compression Treatment Help Me

At BackToHealthService Chiropractic, our skilled professionals know which treatments are effective in reducing pain and inflammation. Ice compression treatment is one that helps immensely to control pain after enduring trauma in a car accident. The low temperatures from ice compression slow down the chemicals responsible for inflammation and reduce the flow of fluid into the tissue, thereby relieving swelling and pain. This treatment has fantastic results in decreasing muscle spasms and other pain impulses caused by injury and physical damage from auto collisions. With ice compression treatment, you can be more comfortable and enjoy the benefits of reduced pain and swelling as your body heals

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Getting quality care for your injuries after an auto accident is crucial to a successful recovery, and BackToHealthService is ready to help you with a variety of treatments and therapies to relieve pain and swelling, restore function, and get you back to your regular life. For any treatments, including ice compression treatment, we’ll keep you well-informed on your injuries, the available treatments, and which will best help you. Call us today to schedule a free evaluation and find out how we can get you mended without medication or surgery.

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